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Monkey See Monkey Do

Before you have kids you always hear that they will mimic everything you do.  Ian apparently watches EVERYTHING I do.


I’m one of those moms that breastfeed my babies before naps and bedtime.  Our bedtime routine is read 2-3 books then I let Ian play one app on my Kindle called Nighty Night by Fox & Sheep.  While Ian plays this “game” of turning off the lights for all the farm animals I breastfeed Jensen.  Ian usually finishes before I’m done feeding Jensen and then I put Jensen down and leave the door open a crack.  Usually Jensen falls asleep by himself, but on some nights he has a harder time going to sleep on his own.  On these nights while Jensen is screaming Ian also screams at me to “take care of baby”.  So I proceed to “take care of baby” by again breastfeeding him.  Then everything is good and they sleep the rest of the night.


Today as I was getting our stuff ready to have lunch with my sisters, who are back in town for the holidays, Ian and I have a conversation about his Monkey lovey:
Ian: Monkey is sleeping
Me: Oh that’s nice
Ian: Uh Oh Monkey is crying
Me: Oh no you better take care of Monkey
Ian: Grabs his monkey gets on the couch lifts his shirt up and “feeds” the monkey

This happens two more times and I had the hardest time trying to conceal my laughter!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!


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