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Throwback Thursday: Ian’s First Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Let’s go back 2 years for our first ever Throwback Thursday post.



Before Mr. A’s grandpa moved away from Tyler we used to drive there every Thanksgiving and Christmas, as it only took 2 hrs at most to get there.  Our plans were no different this year but then we saw the forecast for the day, SNOW!  When you live in Texas snow on Christmas is such a rare and special treat and the fact that it was Ian’s first Christmas made it even better.


So we cancelled our plans to drive to Tyler, but kept our plans of driving to my parent’s place for dinner.  They live only 5 minutes away from us.  It didn’t start snowing hard until later in the evening.  We had a wonderful evening filled with food, laughter and opening presents.



As an added bonus here are some fun bokeh Christmas photos taken by Mr. A of course.

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