Happy 1st Birthday Jensen!

We interrupt the normally scheduled Tasty Tuesday post for a special post.  Today is Jensen’s 1st Birthday!!  When I was pregnant I was so worried that I wouldn’t have more love to give as I loved Ian and Mr. A so much, but as soon as he was put in my arms my heart grew and I loved him as much as I loved my other 2 men in my life.  This past year has gone by so quickly I can’t believe 12 months has past since my baby was born.

Jensen is still our ‘baby’ and he is at the best age, he can’t walk but he can crawl super fast, he plays independently with his toys but also plays with his big brother.  His dancing is AMAZING, anytime this guy hears music he starts waving his arms and bouncing up and down, it is the cutest thing in the world.  He is the happiest little baby.  Happy 1st birthday Jensen, mommy and daddy love you!


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