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Tasty Tuesday: Jensen’s Winter ONEderland

Sorry we didn’t post last week.  Both kids got really sick and trying to work from home while taking care of two sick kids was very time consuming.


So Jensen turned one and we threw a big birthday bash!  When I was planning his birthday party I was trying to think of a cute theme and I thought how cute would it be if it were winter themed since his birthday is in January.  So I searched Pinterest (of course) for winter themed birthdays and then I saw Winter ONEderland theme, along with a bunch of pins about Frozen the movie.  This was perfect because I could buy a bunch of party supplies for cheap after Christmas!

I also wanted to have a hot chocolate bar and thought it would be the perfect excuse for me to drink a lot of hot chocolate without feeling that guilty about it.  Well the day of his party it was 70 degrees, we live in Texas it’s usually 50-60 around this time of year, but the weather here is having some major mood swings because as I write this post it’s supposed to get up to 73 today and almost 80 tomorrow, while in New York they are having a snow storm….It could have been worse, it could have snowed and then I’d have no party at all.

The party was great fun, there were lots of kids and many didn’t want to leave, so I say that’s a successful party 🙂  My photographer (Mr. A) did not capture all of the decor, so not pictured are the snowflakes my sister made hanging in the entrance hall and the party favors, which were inflatable penguin balls and little rubber duckies that looked like penguins.

So for the tasty part of this post.  I don’t have a recipe for you guys but a lot of links to the tasty things I made for the party. Also, an awesome tip for making boxed cake taste like made from scratch cake: add one more egg than the box’s recipe calls for, use melted butter instead of oil, and use whole milk or buttermilk instead of water.  The cake and cupcakes tasted so not like boxed cake mix.  I found the tip on Country Living’s website, it has a list of 12 other baking tips/hacks.

Food Links:
Sandwiches:  I used Ham and Turkey
Crockpot White Hot Chocolate: This was super rich and yummy
Igloo Cake:  This was the easiest cake I’ve made, since the icing didn’t have to be perfect 🙂

Decoration Links:
Penguin Decor: Amanda’s Parties to go
Cupcake Stands, Ceramic letters: pickyourplum
Party Favors (not pictured), Paper Penguin Cups, Paper snowflakes: Oriental Trading 
Ceramic Penguin Cups: Aldi (they were on clearance)

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