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Throwback Thursday: Christmas 2014

I just realized I didn’t share our Christmas celebration for 2014!  Here’s how Christmas 2014 went down at the Amusing Family home!

This is the first year that we celebrated Christmas as a family of 4.  It was Jensen’s first Christmas:)  Santa brought the kids a new Cars table and a Vtech Alphabet Train.  At Ian’s daycare there is the same train and he always plays on it and always tells me he’s riding his “choo choo”.  I also bought this train almost 2 months in advance when it was on sale and hid it not very well in my closet.  If the closet door was open he would see it and say “choo choo?” and I would have to hurriedly shut the door and distract him with something else. He’s also obsessed with Cars the movie and this table came with two storage ottomans and three openings where you can slide down toy cars.

Mr. A wanted to capture Ian’s expression when he first saw the two items under the tree (we put together both items the night before, Santa works hard, but cookies help :D), but it was kind of dark in the room still (kids wake up at 6:30 am everyday no matter what) so he had to set up some lights before we let Ian in….so I had to distract him in the other room with the cookie plate and even let him have some left over cookies.  Finally Mr. A was ready and I let him go see.  His expression was of confusion, he didn’t understand that the same train at his daycare was now in his home.  We explained to him that Santa brought it and after a couple of minutes he finally understood and was very happy to play with it.

We let the kids play with the train while I made breakfast, since we decided we would open presents after we had breakfast.


For breakfast I made a cinnamon roll Christmas tree.  I bought the pre-made cinnamon rolls that come in the tube and quartered each roll and rolled the quarters into balls.  Then on a baking sheet created discs out of the balls, the first disc had 7 balls, 2nd had 5, 3rd had 3, then 2 then 1.  Stuck the baking sheet in the oven and baked for about 10 min.  Then I assembled my “tree”.  Largest disc on bottom and the one ball at the top, drizzled the included icing over it and stuck a snowflake sprinkle on top and some green a red sprinkles all over.  Mr. A was impressed and wanted to take a bunch of photos, the kids were just hungry and wanted to eat it.



After we ate breakfast we went back to the tree to open the rest of the presents.  Ian loved this part.  He wanted to open everyone’s present for them and was very eager to see what was in each one.  After all the presents were opened we relaxed and played with our new toys.




Later that day we headed over to my parents’ house for Christmas dinner and MORE presents.  We are very blessed to be able to have so many presents under the tree.  We ate a delicious Christmas dinner and then opened presents.  It was indeed a very Merry Christmas.



I hope you guys all had a Merry Christmas a Happy New Years.

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