Throwback Thursday: SEA LIFE Grapevine Aquarium

Throwback Thursday!!  On Ian’s 1st birthday we took him to the SEA LIFE Aquarium at Grapevine Mills Mall.  We had never been before and we wanted to show Ian some real fish instead of the ones just in his books.  We also invited my two sisters to come along.  This aquarium isn’t big by any means and is really geared towards children.  I think it is the perfect size for young children, it took us a little over an hour to go through it all and we didn’t feel like it was too short.


It has a fun 360 degree tunnel that you can walk through and see sharks and sea turtles.  It’s very easy to navigate so you don’t miss any of the different areas.  The glass is super thick so that kids can bang on the glass all they want!  Also, almost all the tanks have glass to the floor, so all children can see what’s inside.  The larger city aquariums you have to pick up the kid so they can see through the little porthole in the wall.  At the end there is a shallow pool where you can “pet” some starfish and sea urchins.  There is even a play area with slides so that if not all your kids are enthralled with fish they can still have fun too.


When we first went in Ian was so in awe of all the fish swimming around and we let him walk around, he had a great time.


6 months later, 8 days before Jensen was born, we took Ian again.  We had intentions of going to Lego Land which is right across the hall, but the line was very long and there was no line for the aquarium so we decided to go there instead.  I wanted to do one last outing with just the three of us as I knew we wouldn’t be able to go anywhere for a couple of weeks after Jensen was born.  I’m glad we went to the aquarium over Lego Land because it was a completely different experience from the first time for Ian!  We went quite early in the morning and it was pretty empty, which is nice for a 1 1/2 year old who loves to run from one tank to the next.  He kept pointing at the fish and saying fish and then making fish noises.  Pure toddler joy and awe 🙂


1 1/2 years old


It’s amazing to see how in just 6 months he had changed so much.  I wish I had a pause button these kids just grow up way too fast.  I’m so glad I have so many pictures and videos to help me preserve each of these moments.  <3

aquarium03 aquarium02 aquarium01

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