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Throwback Thursday: Happy Almost Valentine’s Day

So this Saturday is Valentine’s day.  Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  I find it silly, I mean it’s nice to get flowers/gifts and nice dinner, but I appreciate the random flowers/gifts/nights out.  (You hear Mr. A, surprise me!)  Plus, everything is so overpriced and restaurants are too crowded!


Anyways back to today’s Throwback Thursday.  Mr. A took some photography classes back in college, but with a film SLR camera (jeez we are getting old), he liked it and all but he didn’t really get into it much more than that college class.  Fast forward a couple of years and we find out I’m pregnant with Ian (YAY!)  and Mr. A wanted to buy a nicer camera to document things eventually he got the Nikon D7000 (he now has the D600 and I use the D700) because he used a Nikon in college and decided to stick with that.  Ian was born he took a bunch of photos and being an early adopter of Pinterest I saw lots of cute photos of babies and sent them to Mr. A as inspirations.

Around Valentine’s there’s a photo of a baby covered in red lipstick that kept popping up on my home page, so I showed Mr. A and he did the little shoot.  So enjoy some photos of my 1st born covered in red lipstick kisses and surrounded with red rose petals.  My poor second born child…for his first Valentine’s day I only got a cell phone picture of him with a belly sticker.  I’m sorry Jensen 🙁 #momguilt


Jensen and his belly sticker


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