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Throwback Thursday: My little star

Happy Thursday!

So we’re starting the potty training fun with Ian.  I read a bunch of articles online, I went out and bought some Cars underwear, I bought little matchbox cars and a bag of jellybeans.  We’ve had the training potty for months now.  This past weekend I thought I’d try the just put the kid in underwear and see what happens, well what I got was a meltdown.  He was excited about the underwear, but when I caught him needing to go #2 he screamed at me when I suggested for him to use the potty.  Eventually he sat on the potty, but then stood up and pooped on the rug next to the potty and then cried 🙁  I told him it was OK and that next time lets try to go in the potty.  We put on new underwear and he went about his business, but then he peed in his pants and again freaked out.  After that I gave up because I had too much stuff to do to constantly watch Ian to see if he had to go potty…it’s my weekend too!


Well on Wednesday morning, Ian woke up and I thought to myself…I have to pee when I wake up maybe he does too.  So, I told Ian (not ask) if you sit on the potty I will give you a jelly bean.  This made him excited, he took his pants and pull up off, we’ve been using pull ups for awhile so he knows how to take off and put on his pants, and sat on the potty.  I gave him a green jelly bean (his favorite color is green right now) and then he peed and the look of understanding dawned on his face and he exclaimed “I did it!”.  Indeed he did, I cheered, hugged, high-fived did a jig and gave him a matchbox car (after he washed his hands of course).  He was so proud, he told Mr. A about peeing in the potty and told his teacher at daycare that he peed in the potty.


He came home from daycare and I was getting dinner ready and Mr. A got home and lots happens during that time, I’m telling Mr. A about how the kids are and Mr. A tells me about his day, while all this was happening Ian snuck off to the hallway and I heard him trying to move stuff around, so I went over there and indeed he was about to poop in his diaper.  He saw me coming and told me to “go away”, this is normal when he is pooping, he doesn’t like an audience, but I was very gentle and said, if you poop on the potty you get a jelly bean and a new car.  He thought about it and said “pee in potty?” and I said yes! I totally expected there to already be poop in his diaper but to my surprise there wasn’t!  He sat down on the potty and told me to go away so I did, just stood right outside the door where he couldn’t see me.  Then a minute or 2 later he yelled “I DID IT!” I went in and could smell that he definitely did do it 😀  I cheered some more, helped him wipe and wash his hands put his pants back on and gave him a car and jelly bean and off he went.  If you are also potty training make sure you have paper towels, clorox wipes, wipes and lysol spray for clean up afterwards.  He peed in the potty before bed and in the morning.  There was still pee in his pull up but he also peed in the potty in the morning.  I think I’m going to try the underwear this weekend and see how that goes.  We do have a birthday party to go to on Saturday so I’ll probably put him in his pull-up for that.


So, I’m not following the intensive 3 day potty training guides out there because I don’t feel like doing laundry every day for three straight days and honestly I don’t think Ian has enough pants.  I’ll have updates later on how my slower method worked for our family, but so far I’m really happy with his progress.  We still need to get Ian to tell us he needs to pee, the times he’s gone is because I told him to.


The pictures in this post were taken by Mr. A last year around this time.  Costco sometimes sells the variety pack of Monster Rehab, Mr. A loves the yellow one, which is lemon iced tea flavored.  This particular variety pack came with yellow, red (cranberry) and orange (orange-ade).  Well as you can see Mr. A doesn’t like the orange flavor and we used to have a bunch laying around the kitchen.  Ian (about 18 months old at this time) loved stacking these and trying to pick up more than two at a time, he found this to be great fun, especially on a cold, rainy February day.  Star stickers on the forehead are fun too.


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