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Monster Jam

I have two boys (if you haven’t noticed).  My boys love cars and trucks (that shouldn’t surprise you either.)

One day I was getting food at Jack in the Box (don’t judge!) and noticed a sticker on the drive through window that was advertising Monster Jam.  I went home and asked Mr. A if he thought the boys would like it.  He looked at me like I asked if the sky was blue.  So I bought tickets and took our boys to the AT&T Cowboy Stadium in Arlington to go see Monster Trucks!


If you are going to see Monster Jam in your area and have young children going, please please buy ear protection, they sell them at any sporting store.  I thought they wouldn’t wear it the entire time, but amazingly they did.

I was very worried that I had wasted a lot of money on this event.  Usually our boys don’t last more than 30 minutes at these kinds of things, but Ian and Jensen paid attention the whole entire time.  Even at the end where they were cleaning up…in fact I think he liked that part the best, he’s also into construction vehicles.  He also told us he had to use the potty half way through and successfully used the bathroom.  I was so proud!

The show itself was pretty entertaining.  The first part was the “race” part.  Two trucks raced around the track to see who was first, this was boring to me.  The second part was the “freestyle” part.  One truck had an allotted time to perform various tricks of their choosing.  This is probably the favorite part for all in attendance.  These trucks do some pretty cool things.  Towards the end I started getting dizzy, that’s how high we were sitting.  I bought tickets kind of late, this place was packed.  Not what we were expecting at all.

Even though we had a great time we won’t be going next year if it’s held at the same location.  The stadium has super strict bag policy, the only bag you can bring is a clear vinyl  bag, this is an NFL policy.  Are you thinking “Monster Jam isn’t a NFL game, so why did you still have to follow the weird bag rule?”  We thought the same thing too…We had to buy 2 bags at the Wal-mart outside the stadium.  We were so angry about this, those types of bags are not found easily, traffic was already terrible (I’ll get to that), so we had to spend an extra 30 minutes to get these.  Traffic control was awful, the event was pretty much sold out, and they closed off roads in a strange manner.  They pre-sold parking spots, but oversold that so we ended up having to park across the street in the dirt.  We pretty much told ourselves we won’t be going to any other event held at the AT&T Cowboy Stadium anytime soon.

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