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Snow Days

Here in North Texas we don’t get much snow.  Even if it does “snow” it’s really just ice rain, when this happens everything shuts down.  We usually get snow/ice days mid January through early February.  This year we got it the last week of February and the first week of March, which is very late for us.

Either way, I remember as a child being super excited about snow days.  No School!!  Now I kind of dread them.  Stuck in the house with two kids, while still trying to work…When you have access to work from home you can’t use snow as an excuse not to work.  On 2/22 Sunday it snowed/iced and so schools were closed on Monday the temperature didn’t get above freezing that day and there was no sun so schools were closed again on Tuesday.  I had to take a day off from work, when my kids aren’t sick they aren’t very content just sitting and watching tv, they want me to play with them.

Everything went back to normal on Wednesday, then on Friday it started to snow, for real snow.  Mr. A’s boss sent them home at 10am, which was great because everyone else let out at 2pm including schools.  Highways were shut down and there were multiple car pile ups.  Luckily we got the kids pretty early.  Saturday morning we went out and tried to make snowmen, the snow was too powdery to play with 🙁  Of course everything melted by Sunday.

The next Wednesday (3/4) there were reports that it would snow again in the evening.  It did indeed start to rain ice in the early evening and started to freeze, but then at 10pm it turned into big fat snow flakes.  On Thursday morning I looked out the window and it looked like Christmas morning.  So beautiful and peaceful.  We reportedly got almost 6 inches of snow.  I took Ian and Jensen out to play after breakfast, by 11 am it already was starting to melt, by 2pm it was safe to drive.  That’s Texas for you 🙂


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