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It’s almost been a month since our last post!  It’s been kind of crazy around here, the kids got sick, I got sick, Mr. A got sick.  Mr. A has been interviewing for a job that he thought might be a shot in the dark, but ended up getting an offer for.  He’s been stressed/anxious about that for over a month, which means I had no new photos to post since he’s my photographer/editor.  He starts on May 4th I’m very excited for him!

WARNING: This post will have a million pictures!

Poor Jensen got another double ear infection.  He got one, then had a horrible stomach virus, that he kindly passed to everyone but Mr. A, then got hit with another ear infection.  We’re on day 9 of antibiotics.  Ian got the stomach virus the week I was busiest at work.  I had daily morning meetings for that week and my poor kid complaining his tummy hurt could be heard by all on the call 🙁  Then I got sick at the same time, just a really bad week of sickness.  Mr. A finally got the cold too and it was right after he gave his two week notice.

We went to a food truck event near my parents’ house and found our future house.  We will move there or a community that has a similar set up.  Very low front and backyard maintenance.  There’s a playground and water feature in the center square and every Saturday it becomes a farmer’s market.  My fantasy is being able to wake up on Saturday walk out get some fresh food at the farmer’s market and eat breakfast on my front porch while the kids play in the playground that requires no maintenance on my part!!

Jensen and Ian’s daycares had Easter egg hunts.  Ian is very into opening the eggs as soon as he finds one, we had to keep telling him that we’d open them later. On Easter Saturday we took the kids to our first ever Easter Egg Drop.  Easter Eggs were dropped from a helicopter!  Of course the kids loved it.  I was amazed too I had no idea they were really going to drop the Easter eggs from the sky.  There were other activities too like bounce houses and the such.  Ian went into one that you bounce and then to get out you slide down a slide, well he freaked out as soon as he got in because neither me or Mr. A were in there, luckily there was an adult inside helping the kids go through.  We went to a separate play ground after that 🙂


The next weekend I wanted Mr. A to take photos of the kids and the bluebonnets that have been popping up everywhere.  There is a side road near my work that isn’t connected to the main road, I thought it would be a perfect secluded area for taking photos.  Usually the roads surrounding this area is packed with other families trying to take bluebonnet photos.  When we got there, there was one other family and they were leaving.  I let the kids “free” and Jensen and his new found freedom of walking (he’s been walking for a little over a month now) just walked off and kept going.  Leaving me already 🙁  We took a couple of photos and then I saw a police car pull up!  He came out and walked towards us and told us it was technically private property and we had to leave. He was really nice about it, he even told us that on his breaks he would come out here and do some of his paper work, but the security for the company that owned the area came and told him to leave! haha  He also said we could just park on the side of the street where everyone else was and just put on our hazards.  So we moved over to another area to take just a couple more photos and what we got was the featured photo of this post.  Ian is looking for cops (he was so concerned that we got in trouble) and Jensen is hangry and tired.

On Saturday we took the kids to “Day out with Thomas”.  Ian loves trains (it was the theme for his 2nd birthday party) and we’ve taken him to ride this train before, but this time there was a life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine “driving” the train.  He doesn’t really drive the train he’s just another box car really, but he talks and puffs steam, it was very cool.  We took a picture with Thomas and there were other Thomas activities.  Then we got to ride the train.  It was a 25 minute ride and they played train themed songs and of course the Thomas theme song.  At the end they handed out little certificates to each of the kids.  Sir Topham Hatt was there too.

Last Sunday our A/C “broke”, which was infuriating because we just replaced our whole HVAC system last fall.  I couldn’t sleep that whole night because it was so humid with a looming storm coming, and Ian is scared of thunder and wanted to sleep in our bed with his blanket over his head…poor kid was drenched in sweat.  When we called the A/C company to come fix it they gave us a time frame of “after 4pm” BS, but we’ll give you a 30 minute courtesy call so feel free to run errands.  6 pm rolls around and no one has come to fix my A/C, when I call they said “you’re next in line, the technician is at another location and will head your way afterwards” by the time it’s 8 pm it started getting chilly (since it rained it killed the humid 80 degrees down to a windy 60), so we tried to switch it to the heater.  It wouldn’t do it, so Mr. A thinks maybe it’s the Nest thermostat, he calls up Nest support and walks him through how to reset it.  He resets it and the A/C turns on.  Hooray and Boo at the same time.  I was not happy with the A/C company, they should have suggested to reset our Nest thermostat first!

My car battery died.  Turns out the guy at Auto Zone over tightened when installing my last battery and it burst at one of the terminals.  Luckily the battery was still under warranty and I didn’t have to pay a penny to have it replaced!  YAY for Auto Zone.

That’s what’s been going on at the Amusing house lately!


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