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Scarborough Renaissance Festival

I’m not sure if you know this but we can be kind of nerdy.  Back when Mr. A and I were dating I heard an advertisement on the radio for the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX and I thought it would be fun to see other people dress up in period clothing and eat turkey legs.  Mr. A is always skeptical of new things, but he agreed and now we go every spring.  We always enjoy seeing the glass blower and the knights on horses along with the yummy festival food.


My youngest sister usually joins us, which in the past few years has been a great help with the kids.  She loves the petting zoo and always purchases a wooden sword.  They also have many specialty shops that sell period clothing, real metal armor, hand-made jewelry and many other things you would expect to find at a renaissance festival.

I highly recommend this particular renaissance festival, the grounds are huge and it’s a lot of fun to get lost in the fantasy and escape the everyday corporate life, the food choices are plenty and the shopping is interesting and unique.  You can even ride and elephant or camel!

Here’s the website for you to check out: Scarborough Renaissance Festival.  They are open in the spring.

*Not sponsored, we just love this place 🙂

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