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July 4th 2015

Sorry no post last week, it just got away from me!  Ian’s birthday party was this last Saturday and I was so busy preparing for that.  Plus it was Jensen’s last week at Primrose, so I had to get teacher gifts ready.  Jensen is now going to the same daycare as Ian, it was a little bittersweet.  It made me realize that he really isn’t a baby anymore and that I should probably stop treating him like one 🙁


Let’s go back to July 4th weekend!  I hope yours was full of fireworks, BBQs and relaxation.  We actually went to go see fireworks on the 3rd in Coppell, my little sister tagged along since my parents had a wedding to go to.  With all the rain we had gotten in May the original launch site was flooded so they moved it to a different location, but due to DFW airport being so close it was going to restrict the height of which the fireworks could launch, so then they moved it back to the original launch site.  So all that to say, we went to the same place we’ve been going to for the past 3-4 years.  Each year is bigger than the year prior and there were so many food options via food trucks this year.  We also got a spot very close to the lake which they launch the fireworks on the other side.  We brought picnic blankets and some snacks and plenty of insect repellent.


Then we ate and waited for it to get dark.  Usually there are bounce houses and other activities, but the park was not completely cleaned up from all the flooding.  When it finally got dark we all sang the national anthem and got to watch some beautiful fireworks.

On actual 4th of July we went over to our old youth pastor’s house and went swimming and had BBQ.  It was a great long weekend.

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