Old Friends

I mentioned in my last post about going over to our old youth pastor’s house for a 4th of July party.  Well we actually hadn’t seen them in a long while.  Life got busy as they have 3 kids and we have 2 of our own, so when they asked Mr. A to take some family photos all four of us went over to their house.  We caught up on what was happening in each others lives, while our kids were distracted by watching My Friend Totoro and then we grabbed some dinner at First Chinese BBQ after the photo shoot.


We’ve known each other for a long time, in fact we knew each other from before they had kids and their oldest is going to college next fall…so a LONG time.  Our pastor officiated our wedding, he baptized both Mr. A and myself, we’ve gone on countless church retreats and stayed up too late playing video games.  So here’s to old friends and good eats!


We love First Chinese BBQ, sooo yummy!

Kids and cellphones…..

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