Splash Park

Our city has a splash park that is free to the public.  We had no idea this was a thing until we were invited to a birthday party that was hosted here.  It’s a great facility, there are plenty of covered tables, benches to put your stuff and a bathroom.  Since you don’t have to make reservations for parties people come 2+ hours before the actual party to stake their claim on tables.


We were just there to have some fun since the last time we went Jensen couldn’t walk.  Ian thought it was so funny to stand inside the circle of water and pretend that he couldn’t get out unless I came and “saved” him.




Cute hooded towels and snacks are a must!  Water play always makes these guys ravenous.



It can get crowded with older kids quick so we went early and got home around noon to enjoy lunch and a long nap 🙂



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