6 Years

Today is our six year anniversary!  Although I feel a little short changed when people ask us how long we’ve been married because we had dated for almost 7 years prior to getting married so we’ve been together for almost 13 years.  Today is the official day we got hitched.  Our youth pastor married us in a church large enough to hold all the people we’d invited.  Then we had our reception and partied the night away.

How are we celebrating our six years of married bliss you ask?  Nothing out of the ordinary, because everyday is a celebration of our marriage (cheeeessssyyyy) 😀  In actuality we’re going to go to a birthday party in the evening and on Sunday we’ll be attending a wedding without the kids, so maybe we can party the night away again…except it’s during the day and we’re older now and not really into partying the night away anymore, much rather sleep the night away.  😛

Life and weight has changed a lot since we first started dating, but one thing hasn’t: our continued love and support for one another (need some wine for all that cheese and probably a lactaid….).

I’ll go into more details about the wedding, dress, cake, etc. some other time, but it’s been a hectic week here at the Amusing house, sick kiddos again!

Happy anniversary Mr. A!

Here’s our family photos throughout the years!  All pictures taken by the talented Lynn Michelle.  (We still have the dogs, they’re just not photogenic and they peed on Lynn’s carpet back in 2010…)

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