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Ian’s 3rd Birthday

Mr. A was going to write a post about photographing your kids at playgrounds, but he got sick 🙁  So instead I’m going back a month to Ian’s 3rd birthday.  Hope you enjoy it, like Ian enjoyed his birthday pancakes!!!


Sprinkles Pancake for my birthday boy!

My oldest baby turned 3 at the beginning of August!  and I seriously need someone to please stop time.  How did this little 6 pound baby become a lego/train/fire truck/PawPatrol fanatic of a kid???


2 week old Ian

Mr. A and I took the day off from work, so I sent Ian to daycare with a cookie cake the day before his birthday and all the pre-school kids sang him happy birthday.  His teacher got him a huge firetruck floor puzzle, we love Ian’s pre-school/daycare, seriously a dream come true, I could go on and on about how wonderful his teacher is, but that’s not what this post is about…


More sprinkles 🙂


I think he liked it

On his actual birthday we took him to Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, TX.  Lucky Jensen got to tag along since Ian’s birthday fell on a Thursday, which is a stay at home day for him.  I bought tickets in advance so we got to go in before the real crowds started showing up.  By lunch time there were lines for every attraction I’m a little scared to see how it is on the weekends…I guess lots of parents take vacation days during the summer.  Anywho, Ian built a little car that he kept testing on the big ramps.  Jensen built big “cars” with the huge legos and drove them around on the floor, so Mr. A tells me because I had to follow Ian everywhere, with the constant “Mommy look!!” or “Mommy watch!!”.

We checked out the mini-lego city of the DFW area, which is always impressive to me.  The details they put into it is so cool.  We’ve been to the Legoland in California and the mini-city there is AMAZING!  Ian wasn’t interested in riding any of the rides or watching any of the shows that day and he is still too young to drive the cars, but we got to play in the splash area, which was nice for the kids to cool down in the scorching Texas summer heat.

By the time they were done with the water play it was time for lunch and the food choice in Legoland is not that impressive so we decided we would go into the mall and eat in the food court there.  On our way to the food court we saw an abandoned fire truck double stroller thing that is normally 10 dollars to rent all day, so we took it and drove it to the food court.  This thing is like those little cars they attach to grocery store carts.  Both our kids kept staring at it when we tried to walk past.  The food court has a carousel….which Ian wanted to ride (of course!).  We told him he had to eat his lunch before we would take him on the carousel.  After we all ate a nice fast food lunch I bought tickets to ride the carousel.  There were plenty of white horses, but he only wanted to ride on the one brown horse…luckily there was no fight for it and he smiled and waved at Mr. A and Jensen who were waiting below.  I tried to see if Jensen wanted to ride, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with it…probably because he had a poopie diaper after that big meal :\ Then we headed home to take naps and get ready to go to the circus!! (We also “abandoned” the fire truck so that someone else could use it for free, because $10 is a lot for a cart thing)



The circus was at the American Airlines Center in Dallas and as we were walking towards the building Ian had this huge goofy smile on his face and was so giggly.  I couldn’t figure out why he was so excited to go to the circus as we’ve never been before, until just a few days ago we were watching Paw Patrol and there was an episode about them saving a circus.  Kid is addicted to Paw Patrol…so that was why he was so excited to go.


right before the circus was about to begin!

We got there about 30 minutes early, which was a good thing because there was a pre-show down on the floor, it was crowded but it got the kids excited.  One of the elephants came out and painted a picture for all of us, it was cute.  When it came time for the show Ian didn’t want to sit in his seat, in fact he stood for pretty much the entire thing 🙂  The circus was pretty amazing definitely entertainment for the whole family.  Mr. A and myself were probably more entertained than our kids!  There were motorcycles, 6 elephants, 5 tigers, 5 lions (1 male), trapeze artists, clowns…everything you’d think should be in a circus was there 😀





I had to buy light up toys for the kids because the kid sitting in front of us had  a light up sword and Ian wanted one and since it was his birthday I obliged.  Then Jensen wanted to play with the light up sword…but it is way too big for him and he almost smacked the lady in front of us on the head, so I got him a smaller one.  This also distracted them so Mr. A and I could enjoy the whole show.



All in all I’m pretty sure Ian had a fantastic 3rd birthday.

Fun facts about Ian:
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese
Favorite Show: Paw Patrol
Best Friend: Travis, Jackson and Jensen (seriously he said Jensen and it melted my heart)
Height: 38 inches
Weight: 30 lbs
Shoe Size: kids 8


Lego motorized train that his aunt got him 🙂

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