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Summer 2015

Since school started on Monday that means summer is over 🙁  Not like it really makes a difference to me right now since neither of our kids are of school age.  The only sad thing is my youngest sister went back to college for the her sophomore year.  Here are some random pictures taken throughout the summer (end of May through end of August), taken by Alex or me with my Iphone, that really didn’t warrant a post on their own.

First up, we have some park photos, this is before it started getting too hot.  We had a series of near or over 100 degree weather, so when it finally rained and got down to 80 degrees I was cold.  I put a light zip-up hoodie on…Please excuse my face, Mr. A was playing with some new flash he got and I like to make faces at him when he’s testing new gear.

I wish I was young again and could play at parks without worrying about bills and responsibilities or fitting down a slide 😀  Sometimes being an adult is hard, ah the innocence of youth.  Also, my kids need to stop getting older.  Ian recognizes the word ‘can’ and ‘pup’ (thanks Paw Patrol).  He knows the full alphabet and the sounds they make, he even purposely makes the wrong sound to some letters because he thinks it’s silly.  Jensen keeps saying ‘yes’ to every question we ask him, which is nice since Ian always says ‘no’…

So amusing story about the pictures below (like what I did there??).  After dinner I decided we should walk to the park, in my rush to get everyone out the door because it was a little on the late side I forgot to make Ian go to the bathroom before we left.  So we get to the park, which is only a block away from our house, and Ian is doing the pee-pee dance and tells me he has to go potty.  I’m thinking he’s not going to make it if we walk back and I’m not carrying 30lbs of wriggling child back to the house.  So I tell Mr. A, please take Ian over to a bush so he can pee.  At this point Ian has never stood to pee, so when they finish, Mr. A tells me I have to bring him back home anyways because he has pee all on the front of his shorts -_-  We changed his shorts got back to the park and nothing more happened.  Well about 2 days later Ian starts getting little red bumps on his legs and it gets worse it’s all over his private area.  They were seriously itchy, and I was worried we had a bed bug problem or fleas or something, but Jensen and myself didn’t have any bites.  Then I asked Mr. A if he had some and he did all over his legs.  We were so baffled, we tried to think of all the times Mr. A and Ian were alone somewhere and we couldn’t figure it out and then it hit me, the time Mr. A took Ian to go potty near the bush at the park.  They both were covered in chigger bites 🙁  Poor Ian’s wee wee area was the worst and now I knew why, Mr. A told me I should take a picture and I was like “no way!  it will be used as black mail against me for the time I didn’t want to walk back home so Ian could go potty at home”.

We’ve been taking the kids to my parents’ house to swim almost every weekend.  It’s been a great way to entice Ian to take a nap on Sunday afternoons 😀  He loves swimming, he and Jensen have been very good though about not going near the pool without an adult around.  We also tell him a billion times don’t go in unless mommy or daddy are in first!  After swimming is dinner and my parents’ spoil them by giving them mac and cheese, which they already love and they have huge appetites after swimming.  Pretty sure they ate a whole box between the two of them!

Here are some more random pictures from this summer, that I thought were nice 🙂

And one more picture that is the epitome of summer in Texas:


“oh yeah!”


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