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Fossil Rim

YOU GUYS I AM BACK!  I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  So around November last year the division I work for got sold to a different company and I’ve been so busy with work full time and being a mom that blogging had to take a back seat.  BUT things have calmed down for the time being so I can update this little blog a little more regularly.  (You’re welcome sis)

So first update is part 2 of our weekend trip to Granbury and Glen Rose. If you remember from the previous post, we had dinner with horses.  In the morning we had breakfast with cows, longhorns to be exact.


They came right up to the cabin.  I was a little scared they would get too close to our van and damage it with those long horns!



View from the outside


and a shot from inside the cabin


After checking out we headed over to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  This is one of those drive through and feed the animal places, we thought that the kids would love it…they did for the first hour.  Then they were quite done being in the car.  Mr. Amusing rented a HUGE lens, it needed it’s on stand it was that big.  We drove around threw the food out the window, the kids threw the food in the van.

FossilRim02 FossilRim01 FossilRim10 FossilRim09 FossilRim16 FossilRim15


fossilrim16FossilRim11 fossilrim05 fossilrim06

fossilrim17 fossilrim18 fossilrim12 fossilrim11 fossilrim20

At the end you can drive away and be done or you can go up to the observation area where they also have some kids activities and a place to eat lunch.  We decided to eat lunch here and enjoy the view.


After lunch we went over to the petting zoo area, they had some turtles and some other animals that I can’t remember now because it was quite awhile ago :/  (mom brain is real!!)  The kids were obsessed with petting this goat…


I know what you are thinking, your kids are in shorts and t-shirts in mid-October?!?  On top of that Jensen is so sweaty he looks like he just got out of the bath.  We’ve been having some real strange weather in North Texas.  I don’t think it even got to 32 degrees this winter…it snowed last year ya’ll!

After an insane amount of brushing this extremely relaxed goat we drove home and the kiddos had a nice nap in the car 🙂

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