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Christmas 2015

Our Christmas this year was low key, no snow at all this winter.  Poor kids didn’t get to see snow 🙁

First up the kids’ Christmas party at school.  I made elf costumes for all the kids to wear during their performance.  She bought the hats and I made the apron looking thing.  My kids were the only ones that decided they didn’t want to perform in front of all the parents …


We made some cookies for Santa, but they made too much for Santa to eat, so they ate the leftover cookies in the morning 🙂  I didn’t make the cinnamon roll Christmas tree this year, I don’t remember what I made actually…that’s what happens when you try to write about something that happened almost 4 months ago…

My family originally had planned to go to Taiwan during Christmas for my youngest sisters jaw surgery, but it got cancelled last minute.  Unfortunately or fortunately my sister that lives in California had already bought plane tickets to come home early, so the kids had two Christmases, lucky lucky.

Christmas morning at our house is still pretty calm, the kids waited patiently for us to tell them it was ok to go and open their presents, so that we can take a million pictures of them opening presents.

I hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright

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