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Dallas Zoo

When my sister from California came to visit we also took the opportunity to go to the Dallas Zoo, we hadn’t been in awhile and the weather was nice.  Also during the winter the price of tickets are only $5 and kids 2 and under are free.


King Julian!


dallaszoo02 dallaszoo27 dallaszoo26

dallaszoo16 dallaszoo25 dallaszoo24 dallaszoo23 dallaszoo22 dallaszoo21 dallaszoo20 dallaszoo19
dallaszoo15 dallaszoo14 dallaszoo13 dallaszoo12 dallaszoo11 dallaszoo10

They have an area where you can feed the giraffes, it’s super fun for the kids.  I didn’t expect that they would like it so much, but my youngest sister really wanted to feed them, so I let the kids try it too.  I ended up buying another bunch of food for just them to feed the giraffe too.  Ian was hesitant at first, so he’s standing pretty far back.



Jensen on the other hand walked right up to the giraffe and fed the giraffe like he did it everyday.
dallaszoo07 dallaszoo06 dallaszoo05

dallaszoo04 dallaszoo03


Afterwards we went to eat lunch at “Dallas Grilled Cheese”  Yummy carbolicious sandwiches


We didn’t go to the children’s zoo area where there is petting zoo, we would’ve had to stay another hour at least if we went there.  We were getting hungry and the food options at the zoo aren’t that varied.  All in all a great zoo to spend the day at.

*The featured image was taken by my sister.

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