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Jensen’s 2nd Birthday Party

My baby turned 2 in January.  When deciding a theme for his party I had a hard time.  Jensen loves trains, what boy doesn’t??, Ian also loves trains.  Ian’s 2nd birthday party was train themed.  Jensen also loves the show “The Stinky and Dirty Show” an Amazon original, it has one episode.  We read that there would be more, but we’ve been watching the same episode over and over for over a year now.  So I told Mr. A what about a transportation theme and he thought that was a good idea.


I wanted this party to be low key and minimal decorating on my part.  I searched on Etsy for some cute printables and I landed on the transportation one from Stockberry Studios.  I ordered chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a and planned out the other food I’d serve and the cake I’d make.  I thought to myself “Self that’s all you need for this party don’t go overboard!”.


Then 2 weeks before the party Mr. A goes “I saw some cool box vehicles you can make, they look easy to make I’ll help you.”  So I looked at the links he showed me and indeed they looked easy enough, so I though sure I’ll make one or two.  Guys I ended up with 7 box vehicles and a gas station, why do I torture myself?


I got the initial idea from Emilia’s Blog and went from there.  I made 2 cars, a plane, a train, a boat, a garbage truck (personal fav) and a huge fire truck.  All of these boxes I had on hand and hadn’t recycled yet.  The smaller ones were made using diaper boxes and the huge fire truck is from the box that had the Little Tikes fire truck Santa got Jensen for Christmas.  I did something similar for Ian’s 2nd birthday, I made a big train and that time I painted the cardboard, which took forever and didn’t turn out great because the paint warped the cardboard.  This time I used posterboard and tape.  Mr. A did help me, by the time I got to the large fire truck I was done with creativity, so he did all the finishing touches on these vehicles.


Before the party I cleaned out the toy area and hid a lot of the toys in Mr. A’s studio.


This balloon and the Thomas one behind it is still floating 3 months later!


These pillow covers are actually part of our every day decor in the play room 🙂


Favors of course!


I didn’t light the candle until after we finished singing, kid blows out all the candles!

Party Details:
Food: Chick-fil-a nuggets, spare tire donuts (chocolate donuts), various snack mixes, PB&J and fruit
Cake: Chocolate cake that I made look like the a construction site
Favors: I printed out some coloring books and melted some crayons into some vehicle shapes using this mold, some chocolate and some stickers
Paper Decorations: Stockberry Studios


On Jensen’s actual birthday, which was a couple days before his party, Mr. A took him to Legoland Discovery center in Grapevine, Tx.

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