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Jump Jump Jump

Apparently there is a new thing out there for kids to do instead of just going to the movies or hanging out at someone’s house.  It’s trampoline parks, I see them all over the place.  During the Christmas break Mr. A had to finish up end-year reviews for his employees, so I took the kids to one to get them out of the house.


We’ve been here twice now, once during Christmas break and another time for a birthday party.  The one we went to is called Jump Street in Plano.  They have a special area for younger kids and it has a smaller trampolines and a lot of bounce houses and this big slide.


At first Ian refused to go by himself, so I took off my shoes and went up there and slid with him.  After that he was just fine with it and went a million more times by himself.

Jensen is still little and has a hard time climbing to the top by himself, so at the birthday party Mr. A and myself went down the slide with him.  Obviously lots of fun 🙂

The big kids area is huge and they have lots of different activities, a basket ball hoop, dodge ball, a mechanical bull and a lot of huge trampolines.  There were a lot of teens here I was quite surprised.  All in all a great place for kids to burn off some energy and have fun.

jumpstreet10 jumpstreet01

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