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Silly Jensen

Ian is a picky eater.  I put something new on his plate and he will question what it is and promptly tell me “I don’t like it.”  I have no idea why he is like this because Jensen is a pretty decent eater.  The other day we went to a Pho place near our house and if you order the pho then you get a plate of these veggies to add to your bowl of noodle soup.  So we were giving the kids the bean sprouts and Ian went for the lime and started making silly faces because it was sour.  Then all the sudden Jensen starts crying and saying “I don’t like it!”  His face was RED and we asked him what he didn’t like and so he pointed at the plate and there was a little nibble out of the jalapeno slice 😯

Jensen also can be quite temperamental, we are working on not hitting when something makes him mad.  He can throw a fit if you don’t give him what he wants. However sometimes his frustrations can be funny.  Ms. J sent this text to me the other day 🙂


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