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Tulip Farm

A couple from Holland have a tulip farm just north of Dallas and I saw on Facebook that a few of my friends were “interested” in this event.  I told Mr. A about it and we planned it out with some of our friends to go visit one weekend.  One of our other friends went the weekend before and told us to arrive as soon as they opened as it would get crowded later in the day.  We find in general it’s always best to go to these types of things as close to open time as possible.


It’s very beautiful and there are indeed rows and rows of tulips.  They have baskets at the end of most rows, you just pick one up and pick any tulip you want, once you are done picking bring it to any of the many tents and they’ll put this gel stuff on the ends and wrap up the tulips for you.  They were $2.50 per tulip and entry was $2.50 per person.  So not cheap, but indeed beautiful.

tulipfarm13 tulipfarm12

It might look like Jensen is sniffing the flowers, but he’s really looking for bugs! haha

tulipfarm11 tulipfarm09 tulipfarm08

The boys were bored pretty quickly, but they found the “sand”, the dirt around the tulips, to be highly entertaining.  Especially when filling up the tulips to the point that they were drooping…or throwing the dirt in the air…


tulipfarm06 tulipfarm07

I did manage to get a couple of pictures with the boys.  Never mind that they aren’t looking at the camera…

tulipfarm02 tulipfarm03

In the end I picked 6 tulips that hadn’t fully bloomed yet and they lasted a little over a week, pretty impressive for tulips!

tulipfarm15 tulipfarm04

You can buy bulbs from them too, check out their website: Texas Tulips

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