Valentine’s Day 2016

I’m catching up!!

This Valentine’s Day I decided I would take the day off and help out at the kids’ school for their Valentine’s day party.  I’m so glad I did.  I love seeing what they do during the day when I’m not around.

These are the Valentine’s I made for Ian to give away.  They are little heart pockets that are supposed to look like those conversation heart candies. I filled them with fruit snacks because kids love fruit snacks.  I subscribe to My Paper Pumpkin and this was the project of the month as well as a heart banner (that is still hanging up in my house…)  I thought this was perfect to give to the kids since I am not that close to my co-workers to be giving them Valentines.


This is the Valentine’s I made for Jensen to give away.  I found a free printable and bought the cars on Amazon.  The cars were already individually packaged so I just stapled the print out on there.


I got to help cut out and hide little paper hearts that the “Love Monster” left out.  All the kids raced around the room to find all the hearts.  Then I got to help the kids make their own Love Monster with a special note to give to their parents.  After that the kids exchanged Valentines.

valentines2015-03 valentines2015-04

Then I sneakily went home after they all had their lunch.  When I went back to pick up the kids, Ms. J told me Ian woke up looking for me and asking her where’s Ms. Sandy.  She was very confused because A.  that’s not my name and B. Ian NEVER calls me by my name.  But since all the other kids were calling me that he started to do it too.  I’m happy to report he still calls me “mommy”.

Mr. A got me 2 bouquets from Bouqs.  I love this flower site, the flowers are fresh and the price stated is the price you pay, there are no additional shipping and handling fees a lot of other flower sites tack on.  The tulips Ian picked out and the roses with the succulents I picked out and Mr. A bought me 😉

valentines2015-07 valentines2015-05

Hope your Valentine’s Day was full of love!

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