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Easter 2016

March was a busy month for us.  Mr. A went to Hong Kong for a week to attend his cousin’s wedding.  The week after he returned I had to go on a business trip to Indiana.  On top of the usual birthday parties and weekend outings.  We didn’t get to go to Prestonwood’s Egg Drop this year as it fell on the weekend that Mr. A was out of town and I wasn’t about to take 2 toddlers by myself.  We did try to go to another Egg Drop, but it didn’t happen as the church didn’t anticipate the huge crowd and they deemed it unsafe for the helicopter to drop the eggs.

The kids did get to hunt for eggs at school and we did a small one in our house.  Then my sister also hid some eggs at my parents’ house when we went over for dinner.  All these photos were taken by their teacher.


And for your entertainment some selfies with Jensen:


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