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Father’s Day and a Lake House

I’m super behind on posts.  I’m really sorry!

In June the weekend before Father’s day my sister came to visit and took us to a lake house near Cedar Creek.  It was a nice and relaxing weekend.  When we got there we unpacked all the food we brought and made ourselves at home.

cedarcreek01 cedarcreek02 cedarcreek06 cedarcreek07

Then we started up the grill.  I found these HUGE marshmallows at Aldi and Ian was all about the marshmallows.  We told him we were going camping (as you know this is as close to camping as I’ll go) and he asked “Are we going to make s’mores???”  because there is a Bubble Guppies episode about camping and they talk about s’mores.  He’s an expert on camping from watching that one episode 🙂

cedarcreek04 cedarcreek05 cedarcreek03After dinner we tried to start a little fire in the fire pit, but it had been raining and it was super humid so we were very unsuccessful.  Plus we didn’t bring any coal, lighter fluid or lighters and the lighters at the cabin were all broken.


The next morning my sister and I participated in a 5k in town.  Everyone else stayed at the cabin and waited for us to get back.  The 5k was at the Cedar Creek Brewery and we all got finisher glasses and beer afterwards.  We stayed for the awards ceremony not knowing that my sister won 3rd place for her age group!

cedarcreek23 cedarcreek24 cedarcreek25

We picked up some coal and lighters and some more food while we were in town.  We got back to the house and relaxed a bit while packing some sandwiches for lunch to eat on the boat we rented.

cedarcreek09 cedarcreek10 cedarcreek11 cedarcreek12 cedarcreek13 cedarcreek14 cedarcreek15 cedarcreek16

We all took naps after the boating and woke up in time for more grilling and relaxation 🙂  We attempted to make a little fire in the fire pit again and we were successful!!  Although the marshmallows tasted a little like lighter fluid…

cedarcreek17 cedarcreek18

The next morning we ate some breakfast and packed up to drive on back home, but not before taking some early morning photos.

cedarcreek19 cedarcreek22 cedarcreek21

Such a fun weekend, minus the mosquito bites 😀

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