Helping a sister out

Did you get any good deals on Black Friday?

My sister is a junior at Baylor University.  She needed help moving into her new apartment.  So we took a little road trip down to Waco to help her assemble some Ikea furniture and walk around the campus.


This is around the time when Pokemon Go came out all of us were very into catching Pokemon and finding Pokestops.  The university had plenty of stops so we took a Pokestop tour of the campus 🙂

Here’s Ian with his camera.

waco19 waco20

Piggyback rides from aunties are the best.


Camera in action and the resulting picture below.waco26


waco24 waco25

Exhausted kiddos on our way back home.  This was also the first time I’ve ever had kolaches from the Czech Stop.  It’s now an addiction, lots of fruit jam in the middle of the moistest bread, so good.  I often make my sister get us some on her way home from Waco.

Mr. Amusing made me drive back home from Waco so he could capture some fun shots of Dallas buildings.  It always freaks me out when he does this, I’m always scared he will drop his camera!waco28

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