Ian turns 4

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you are surrounded by people you love and have great food to eat.

Ian turned 4 during the summer.  Since his 2nd birthday I have put balloons in his bed at night while he’s sleeping the night before his birthday, so he wakes up to a party!  I hope I can continue to do this every year for as long as he lives with me…Although 30 balloons will be a lot 😀  I also got him special donuts to share with his friends at school.  When I showed him the donuts he was so impressed!  I asked him if he wanted to eat all the donuts and he replied very matter of factly “No mommy I want to share them with my friends”.  I hope you stay kind hearted kid.


I got the donuts from Earnest Donuts.  They have a lot of donuts and are all extremely delicious.  During the weekend we took Ian to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.


They made little paper “helicopters” and got to fly them.  This was very entertaining as they flew all over the place.ian4thbirthday20 ian4thbirthday23

The main reason we brought them here was because Ian is REALLY into space and they have a planetarium and it was great.  Just if you bring your kids there make sure they don’t have light up shoes!ian4thbirthday21 ian4thbirthday22

They also have an Omni IMAX and we watched a dinosaur show, I’ve forgotten how immersive that theater is.

They way Jensen was so concentrated on building this was so cute.  His cheeks I want to kiss them all the time.ian4thbirthday25 ian4thbirthday26

It’s not a museum without a dinosaur.ian4thbirthday27


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