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Dallas Arboretum

I am trying my hardest to get through all that happened in 2016 before 2016 ends!!

The Dallas Arboretum is a huge botanical garden that is wonderful to take pictures and just walk around.  They decorate with the season and holidays, so when we went they had pumpkins and fall flowers everywhere.  We actually met up with a friend of ours and their newish baby.  Mr. Amusing took this photo and later I told him “that’s exactly what it would look like if we had 3 kids.”  I have no idea why Jensen is angry, the hay is probably itchy.


Ian and Jensen ran around like the little boys they are, on top of the hay, in between the hay, climbing pumpkins.  Great time for them, also worth noting, we went to the arboretum in late October and it was still 90 something degrees :/


I think they are trying to save each other from falling in the hot lava, not wrestling.  They could be wrestling…dallasarboretum03

I got you bro!dallasarboretum10

I got a couple non-running photos, but of course both are not looking at the camera.

I had to sadly put away this stars and stripes shirt for the winter, and by the time it’s warm enough for short sleeves he will have grown out of it.  Good thing I can make him another one 😉

This is probably why our kids don’t take decent photos, sorry Mr. Amusing it’s all my fault.  Hey guess what I made my shirt I’m wearing!  The pattern is from Patterns for Pirates and it’s the Everyday Elegance Top.


After rolling around in the hay 🙂  We strolled around the garden and chit chatted about life and enjoyed our time together.  It’s always nice to stop and smell the roses.  I’m here all week guys!

dallasarboretum16 dallasarboretum14 dallasarboretum15

Mr. Amusing also brought along his macro photography stuff and took some fun shots of bugs and flowers around the arboretum.

dallasarboretum12 dallasarboretum13 dallasarboretum07 dallasarboretum06




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