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Gingerbread House

The kids’ daycare is closed for 2 weeks for Christmas break.  The week before Christmas I had them all by myself, so I planned a variety of Christmas themed activities for the kids to do.  On Monday I took them to the local library to hear stories read by Mrs. Claus and then after naps we did some gingerbread math problems and decorated a gingerbread house.  I bought the gingerbread house from Target pre-built as well as the containers of candy.


Using the bag of icing provided the kids stuck on the candy to their desire.  They told me where to put the candies and I squirted out the icing.


This is the side Ian decorated.gingerbread08

and here is Jensen’s side, I may have helped Jensen a little…

gingerbread09 gingerbread04

Jensen got distracted by the icing that kept getting on his fingers and the mini M&Ms.

Attempts of taking a photo of them smiling with their completed house was not successful 🙁


Have you ever decorated a gingerbread house?

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