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Heard Museum

Mr. Amusing rents lenses to see if it’s something he would like to add to his collection and if it will add value.  It’s up to me to find places besides our local parks to test that lens out.  One of these times I took the family to the Heard Museum, which is a wildlife and natural science museum.  They have the Dinosaurs Live! exhibit right now through 2/19/2017, probably because it’s winter and all the wildlife is dead so this is a way to get customers in.


They also have some animals you can see and lots of paths to walk.  Our kids just wanted to play in the Pioneer Village of little playhouses.  Instead we forced them to walk one of the shorter trails first before allowing them to run amok in the play village.


I thought the below image was so sweet, brotherly love, then I looked closer and Ian is trying to lick Jensen…


The many faces of Ian, all silly of course.

After heading home and taking some naps, Mr. Amusing herded the kids outside to take some pictures in the front yard to capture that sunset lighting.

heardmuseum09 heardmuseum10 heardmuseum11

Boys and sticks.heardmuseum12 heardmuseum13 heardmuseum14 heardmuseum15

When was the last time you sat and enjoyed the sunset?


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