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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

One weekend Mr. Amusing woke up early and started cleaning up his car and moved Ian’s car seat into his car.  He drives a Ponitac G8 GXP.  It’s his 3rd baby.  He loves this car because it’s rare and powerful and doesn’t look it.

Quick story about how he came to get this car.  He had been searching ebay and craigslist for this car for months, eventually he stopped stalking it for a while, but then one day he was casually pursuing the car forums and saw this particular one for sale.  It had low miles and was a great price and it was in El Paso.  Not a quick drive at all from DFW area.

He convinced me to allow him to buy this car and he bought a one way ticket to El Paso had the guy that was selling it pick him up from the airport and bought the car sight-unseen.  This is by far the riskiest thing he has EVER done.  However the car is worth more now than when he bought it, which is amazing.


Ok so after we have eaten breakfast Mr. Amusing says, “ok everyone get in daddy’s car”, which is odd because we always take the mini van anywhere.  So we do and he starts driving to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum.  We have visited the museum once or twice.  It’s very nice airplane museum with lots of historical airplanes.  On this particular day they had a special event going on.  They had a car show for Pontiacs.  In fact when we pulled up one of the volunteers asked if we were part of the show.  One of those volunteers is a friend of ours and we had no idea he volunteered at the museum!

planestrainsautomobiles01 planestrainsautomobiles02


They also had one of the planes that flew in Vietnam open for people to go in and take a look around.  The best part was the pilot that flew the plane was there giving tours.


They had other things going on as well.  Like this super loud drag car thing.  Ian did not like this.  He complained later that it was so loud it hurt his tummy.

I love going to events like these you never know who you might bump into.  I just happened to bump into one of my high school friends that just happened to be in town for the weekend!


But it was all better because he got to sit in the cockpit of this plane 🙂planestrainsautomobiles07

That’s one happy kid!planestrainsautomobiles09

The other cool thing about this museum is that you can take a ride in one of these old planes (for a cost of course).  During the event they had this plane below take off, which is always fun to watch.planestrainsautomobiles10 planestrainsautomobiles11

And off it goes.
planestrainsautomobiles12 planestrainsautomobiles13

After we had our fill of automobiles and planes we went to check out some trains.  There was an Amtrak event happening over at the Museum of the American Railroad.  They had a museum set up in train cars for you to walk through and see how passenger trains have changed through the years.  Really makes me want to take a train vacation!

planestrainsautomobiles14 planestrainsautomobiles15 planestrainsautomobiles16

It was very kid friendly, they had two train tables set up and they even gave us 2 free Chugginton DVDs!


So that was our fun Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Saturday.

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