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Six Flags Over Texas

I love living in the DFW area there’s everything you need to be entertained.  There are many amusement parks, mainly water parks because it gets hot in Texas.  But I’m not talking about those today.  I’m here to tell you about or fun day at Six Flags Over Texas!  So over the summer I started running again.  If you remember for father’s day my sister and I participated in a 5k that involved beer.  Well in October I signed my other sister and myself up for a 5k that involved roller coasters!  This is obviously post race, all the selfies I tried to take pre-race were blurry due to it being dark.


I had been battling a cold the week prior so I couldn’t run, I was really worried I wouldn’t make it without having to stop to cough.  Surprisingly I didn’t have to stop to cough, in fact I felt awesome, my poor sister however has not been running like me and wanted to die by the end of the race.  The course took us through the park, probably best race to date.  My sister and I actually stayed in a nearby hotel so we didn’t have to wake up SUPER early and we wanted to shower.  Mr. Amusing and the kids picked us up from the hotel and we headed back to Six Flags.


sixflags03 sixflags04 sixflags05 sixflags06

We don’t have that many pictures, it’s hard to take pictures at amusement parks AND ride the rides.  It goes without saying we all had a fun time and we spent most of the time in the Looney Tunes area.

Now Jensen is into roller coasters too.  He’ll sometimes ask me randomly if we are going to go ride roller coasters 🙂



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