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State Fair of Texas 2016

The State Fair of Texas runs through the end of September through October.  We’ve been going every year since we’ve been married.  In fact it was where we went the next day after we got married.  I feel it’s getting more and more crowded each year.  It’s best to go on a weekday, weekends are super crowded and the corn dog line is extreme.

The DART system has been improved over the years and there is a station super close to our house and takes us right to the state fair gates.  Ian and Jensen still love trains so naturally we took the train to the fair.  If you’ve studied our pictures closely you will notice Ian has dimples, Jensen has them too but his cheeks are still baby chubby so you gotta catch it.  Mr. Amusing just so happened to finally snap a picture of it!


There is always a huge car show at the fair, it was the main reason we started going to the fair before we were married with kids, now we go to eat horribly unhealthy foods and let the kids run around.  We still go through the car show but it’s the last thing we do before we go home.  This time they had a classic car show too.  This particular car is called the Jensen Interceptor with our Jensen in front of it 🙂


Are you as much of a fan of the Stig as this person is?


The best food we had this year was the Down Home Chicken Pot Pie Pocket (with mac ‘n cheese dip).  Everything else we had was too fried, this one was good crust and fantastic filling.  Obligatory photo with Big Tex!  Mr. Amusing hates taking these types of photos and I tell him how else will we remember the times!!  I think the kids share Mr. Amusing’s feelings on this photo…


There are of course fair games and the prizes this year were Pokemon!  We didn’t play any, I could buy one for cheaper, plus you’d have to carry it around with you.

Ian likes to find random rocks…there are a lot of clean rocks in my house.  He puts them in his pockets and forgets to take them out before putting the pants in the laundry.  Then the dryer makes awful noises while they are being tossed around.  #momproblems


Another cool Prisma altered photo:


I also got a chance to eat my cup!  It wasn’t as good as I hoped, it tasted like a stale fruit roll up.


There is an area for kids and they got to create their own spin art.  They are standing below their own masterpieces.


Then we saw the cars and headed home and played with Snapchat filters 🙂


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